TYNY Worldwide - Dec 2018
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TYNY Worldwide - Dec 2018

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This Year Next Year Worldwide features exclusive forecasts from the GroupM network of advertising investment by medium in 70 countries. Historic data is drawn from the best sources available, adjusted by us where necessary. Most countries are reported net of media booking discounts and apocryphal agency commission. Net is our preferred mode, but a few small countries still report only gross (ratecard) either by tradition or more usually the lack of any better historic data.  

Summary tables include separate modelled five-year forecasts and marketing services investment (direct marketing, market research, public relations and sponsorship) by region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific). The appendices gather all the dollarized data together. Includes top advertisers and categories for each country.  
New editions published every July and December. 

Softcopy price Stg 250 per issue which includes the PDF and all spreadsheets, including a datasheet designed to import into data visualisation tools. Subject to availability of stock we are happy to post hard copies to purchasers at no extra charge on request to Brogan.Laudat@groupm.com.

UK Customers only: For VAT purposes, the price shown is for a single hard copy delivered to a UK address (subject to availability) and the downloaded/soft copy is complimentary.