Ad Categories 2017
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Ad Categories 2017

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Ad Categories presents the recent history of advertising investment by product sector across 60 countries. This unique report aggregates reported gross (ratecard) investment under our own standardised headings Finance, Leisure, Auto, Food, Soft Drink, Alcohol, Personal Care, Retail, Technology, Communications, Pharma, Media, Household Care, Consumer Services, Real state, Education, Public Sector, Household Equipment and Clothing. Each data point is shown with its share of the reported total. 

Published once a year in September. Typically 30 pages. 

Softcopy price Stg 150 per issue which includes the PDF and all spreadsheets, including a datasheet designed to import into data visualisation tools. Subject to availability of stock we are happy to post hard copies to purchasers at no extra charge on request to

UK Customers only: For VAT purposes, the price shown is for a single hard copy delivered to a UK address (subject to availability) and the downloaded/soft copy is complimentary.